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02 | 02 | 23


Get to know the iconic stylist behind our exclusive collaboration.

02 | 02 | 23


Get to know the iconic stylist behind our exclusive collaboration.

If we had to pick a BCBGMAXAZRIA muse, innovative celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly would top our list, so we are thrilled to announce that we've teamed up for an exclusive collaboration, available only at BCBG.com and BCBG retail stores in Latin America. The BCBGMAXAZRIA X Maeve Reilly collection has everything we love: impeccable tailoring, menswear-inspired suiting and jaw-dropping dresses, all with Reilly's signature streetwear-savvy point of view.

Reilly is a fashion powerhouse with a massive following and a roster of A-list clients, like Hailey Bieber, Megan Fox and Ciara, to name a few. Named one of the most stylish people of 2022 by The New York Times, she’s a street style pioneer, taking her edgy-luxe aesthetic to the sidewalks, as well as the red carpet. According to Fashionista, her "influence cannot be overstated." Here, we sit down with the stylist to talk fashion, social media and to learn more about the all-new collaboration. 

What was your inspiration for this collection?

My inspiration was about wearable pieces, things that you can mix in to what you already have in your wardrobe. I want everyone to get the most use out of our collection, so it was really important to me to include pieces that can mix and match. I also love a sexy dress, so we definitely have a few of those. I love simplicity with sexiness. 

A huge part of this collection was having a combination of menswear pieces and sexy, revealing pieces. That balance was important, because there are so many facets to a woman. 

What drew you to styling?

I knew I wanted to be in fashion from when I was the littlest kid. From the time I was three, I would throw temper tantrums if I didn’t like my outfit. I fell into styling when I was seventeen, so I’ve been doing this for almost eighteen years. I started as an intern, and I couldn’t believe styling was a real job. It was before social media, before anyone was talking about this part of our industry. I think styling worked well for me because I had a lot of ideas. I wanted to be a designer, because I thought that was my only option, and then I learned what a stylist was, and I learned that I could have ideas and pull pieces from different places and create a look. Now, all these years later, getting to incorporate my styling background while designing a collection is a dream come true.

Gown or mini?


How have social media and technology influenced your styling process?

I think the benefit of social media is just how quickly looks are seen. Your client walks out the door and in five minutes their look is everywhere. There’s something amazing about that, but there’s also something really scary about it. It opens up conversations that weren’t being had before. I also worry that people are just sitting behind their computer screens, not thinking about what they’re saying, critiquing what someone looks like. That's a huge problem. I wish people could just embrace each other for who they are and not critique each other.

What was the first a-ha fashion moment that had an impact on you?

I’ll never forget, years ago, one of my clients walked down the street in Soho wearing an outfit that we had styled together. It wasn’t extraordinary, it was just a look, but it was the very beginning of street style, and that look ended up on one of Vogue’s best dressed lists. When I started my career, you had to go to the Met or the Oscars to be on that list, and here was this twenty year-old, just walking down the street, and they got on the list. 

It made me realize how the industry was changing and how people wanted to see what celebrities were actually wearing in their real lives. That’s why I fell in love with the notion of street style. In that way, social media has helped people learn about the work behind the fashion industry. Now people recognize brands and stylists and hair and makeup teams. There's so much more visibility than we had when we all started.

I never leave my house without...

My phone, obviously. I never leave my house without my phone, which I hate.

Why did you want to work with BCBGMAXAZRIA?

The brand is iconic. I grew up shopping at BCBG, and I have watched its resurgence, especially the recent collections with Albino Riganello, who I have totally fallen in love with. I’m honored to be considered to work alongside them. 

How did the collection change or evolve during the design process?

The process was so easy, I don’t even know if it changed. It was so organic and seamless. There were not a lot of changes. I think we had a really clear idea of what we wanted to do, and we brought it to life in exactly the way that we intended. It was honestly an incredibly easy and rewarding experience. This collection was a year and a half in the making, and I’m just so thrilled with the way it turned out.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?

Everybody. This collection has a piece for everybody, and that was definitely the intention behind it. I wanted to have a customer for every piece. And I know my clients will love it. 

I just can’t wait to see the way people style it. We styled it in a very specific way for our shoot, but there are definitely so many other ways that people can wear it. I'm excited to see what other people’s visions are for these pieces. I’m really looking forward to that.