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05 | 17 | 22

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends to Look for in 2022

How to Style Summer Trends

05 | 17 | 22

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends to Look For in 2022

How to Style Summer Trends

05 | 17 | 22

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends to Look For in 2022

How to Style Summer Trends

Trends come and go, but a power suit is forever… At least, that’s our attitude as we approach the latest crop of must-have items and all the shopping, styling and experimenting that goes with them. From sky-high platform heels to cutouts to Bridgerton-inspired looks, summer 2022 fashion trends are playful and fun. And even though they may not seem that wearable, we can assure you that there’s a way to work every trend to your particular taste. 

Here are our top ten trends for summer 2022 and how to wear them:

1. Power Suits

Let’s face it, a good structured suit never goes out of style. From its ‘80s heyday to its political underpinnings, the power suit packs a cultural punch that you want to work to your advantage. Tailor your existing suits to the current season or choose a new one with a genderless silhouette and modern details. Here's how:

Make it cropped:Cropped silhouettes are perfect for summer. Just keep the fit loose and pair your suit with another summer trend: platforms.

Play with fabric: Not all suits need to be black crepe. Consider lightweight and breathable fabrics, like linen or cotton voile.

Go oversized: An extra-large silhouette makes this summer trend more edgy and relaxed. Plus it calls back to that iconic ‘80s fit. 

2. Micro Mini Skirts

From the moment the Miu Miu micro mini strutted onto the Spring 2022 runway, this trend was off and running. Now mini skirts are everywhere, from high fashion boutiques to social media feeds. The mini has a long history, of course, but this recent iteration borrows heavily from the version popular in the early 2000s with its low-cut waist and barely-there hem. Here are some tips for making this leg-baring look work for you this summer.

Keep the waist high: While Gen Z may be sporting the low waist, reach for a high-waisted mini for a more elevated look.

Balance is key: When you’re showing a lot of leg, keep your top conservative. Opt for a short-sleeve sweater or sleeveless turtleneck.

Try a mini dress: If the micro mini just isn’t for you, try a mini dress instead. A short hem pairs perfectly with a chic shift.

3. Fun & Bold Monochromatic Looks

Monochrome style doesn’t have to be neutral, and it definitely doesn’t have to be boring. This particular trend is all about color from head to toe, preferably neon green, bright orange and bold fuchsia. It’s the ultimate dopamine hit for your closet.

Keep it casual: Monochromatic looks aren’t only for evening. Try jeans in a vibrant shade and match them to a tee or top within the same color palette.

Wear colorful accessories: If you’re not into head-to-toe color, consider matching your accessories. For example, pair pink shoes with a pink bag.

Subdued colors: Electric colors aren’t the only option. If bright orange is too intense for you, try burnt orange or sienna.

Explore BCBGMAXARIA’s matching setsto get inspired by a monochromatic look of your own.

4. Platforms

Platforms are back and we’re not mad about it. Made popular in the ‘70s and ‘90s, this trend has actually been around since the 1930s. Somehow it just keeps popping up (and up and up), decade after decade. These sky-high heels achieve an elongated silhouette with more support than a stiletto. Here's how to wear them:

The higher, the better:If you aren’t afraid of heights, go for 4-, 5- or even 6-inch heels. Just make sure the base is chunky to provide much-needed stability.

Keep the silhouette classic: Pumps with added platforms are an easy way to try the trend while staying true to your taste.

The Mule: Platforms aren’t for everyone. If you’re not that into them, opt for another trend of the summer: mule heels. They’re just as current as a platform, but you won’t risk spraining your ankle.

5. Maximalism

Minimalism will always be effortlessly cool, but maximalism is definitely having a moment. For those who crave creativity, color and style chaos, this trend is for you. Think pattern-mixing, texture-mixing, color-mixing and just mixing it up in general. When you’re styling a maximalist look, throw all the fashion rules out the window and remember: more is more.  

• Layer, layer, layer:The key to this trend is layering. Start with a long-sleeve shirt, layer it under a dress, top that with a jacket, then add accessories. 

• Mix patterns and textures: Throw a sequined jacket over a floral print. Top that with a belt. If you want to look more put-together, try sticking to a single color palette.

• Make it yours:Maximalism shouldn’t feel like a costume. It should be a creative mix of things you love. Let your individuality shine. 

6. Cutouts & Off-The Shoulder Looks

We know what you’re thinking: only 20-somethings can pull off cutouts. But fear not, cutouts are not just for college kids and rock-hard abs. We’ve got lots of subtle ways to try the trend while still staying in your comfort zone.  

• Yoke or neckline cutouts:Dip your toe in the trend with a fitted top with yoke cutouts or a sweetheart neckline with added straps.

• Shoulder or sleeve cutouts: Cold-shoulder and sleeve cutouts make this trend wearable at almost any destination, even at the office. 

• Laser cutouts: These are those perfect geometric shapes that create skin-baring patterns. We love them along hemlines or even down the side of the body, if you’re feeling extra daring. 

7. The Color Yellow

What color could possibly be better suited for summer? It’s a joyful, luminous shade that reminds us of warm sunshine and sandy beaches. This bright hue dominated the Spring and Summer 2022 runways. Here’s how we’re wearing yellow this summer:

• Yellow midi dresses:A simple midi dress in bold yellow makes a big impact for summer.

• Yellow accessories:For a subtle approach, keep your look neutral and sport yellow accessories, like shoes, handbags or sunglasses.

• Yellow separates: Add your yellow as a pop of color. Keep the majority of the look in a neutral palette (like white, black, cream or denim) and pick one yellow piece that really stands out.

8. Bridgerton-Inspired

The show that stole fan’s hearts is now taking over runways and red carpets, with this year’s Met Gala as a prominent example. Though you might not have the occasion to don a ball gown this summer, the trend is surprisingly wearable, without looking like a costume.

• Pastel tones: The Bridgerton palette is full of soft hues, like baby blue, dusty pink, lavender and canary yellow. Try pairing a few of these shades together or hit two trends at once and make it a monochromatic look. 

• Off-the-shoulder necklines:Pay homage to the time period by baring your décolletage, just like Queen Charlotte herself. 

• Corsets:Corsets have been trending for a few seasons, but the look may hit its peak this summer. Our best-selling Oly Gown incorporates corsetry and boning, while still making it modern.  

• Sparkling jewelry:Big, bright gemstones are a great way tonail the Bridgerton look. Drench yourself in jewels (real or faux) that embody the opulence of the era.

9. Bra Tops & Swim

They may seem daring, but bra tops can be extremely chic, especially when paired with layers. Try yours under a blazer or a sheer button-down for an everyday look. If you’re by the beach or at a fabulous resort, bra tops are great on their own.

• Lingerie tops: The BCBGMAXAZRIA X Cosabella collection has lots of lacy options that would look great peeking out from under a tuxedo jacket.

• Swimwear tops:For a resort-ready look, wear your swim top with a lightweight button-down and wide-leg linen trousers.

10. Y2K Fashion: Throwback Outfits

We’re loving this nostalgic trend that channels the music and movies of the early 2000s. From butterfly motifs to allover denim, here’s how we’re time traveling to the aughts this summer.

• Y2K accessories:If you’re not ready to revisit butterfly clips, there are other ways to tap into this trend. Butterflies get a grown-up makeover on necklaces and earrings. Or skip them altogether and opt for colored-lens sunnies or an over-the-shoulder baguette bag.

• Baby tees:This fitted, cropped silhouette is perfect for summer. Pair yours with high-waisted shorts or jeans.

• Head-to-toe-denim:Who can forget Britney and Justin’s matching denim on the red carpet? Do all over denim right with a simple jacket and your favorite jeans. Just keep them in the same color and wash for a cohesive look.

No matter what you’re wearing this season, remember not to take the trends too seriously. Stay true to yourself and enjoy your own unique summer style. As long as you’re having fun, you’ll always look and feel your best.